Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome Home Grant

Grant has been welcomed home by his Big Sister with open arms! So far we've experienced many sleep deprived nights and many cherished moments. Gwynn loves to snuggle up to Grant and tell him about her favorite movie of the day. She consoles him when he's crying by asking, "Okay, Buddy?" Most mornings you can find all four of us curled up in one bed together enjoying a few extra minutes of sleep before the day really begins. I'm sure they'll begin fighting and terrorizing each other before too long. However, I'm relishing these first few special weeks when Gwynn is the protective, loving, adoring Big Sister...and Grant's too little to fuss too much about being doted on. I find myself a little overwhelmed during some moments of the day when I just don't have enough arms and I'm running on very little sleep. Although, for the most part, I'm loving every minute. I feel exceedingly blessed and grateful for my two miracles.

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