Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome Home Grant

Grant has been welcomed home by his Big Sister with open arms! So far we've experienced many sleep deprived nights and many cherished moments. Gwynn loves to snuggle up to Grant and tell him about her favorite movie of the day. She consoles him when he's crying by asking, "Okay, Buddy?" Most mornings you can find all four of us curled up in one bed together enjoying a few extra minutes of sleep before the day really begins. I'm sure they'll begin fighting and terrorizing each other before too long. However, I'm relishing these first few special weeks when Gwynn is the protective, loving, adoring Big Sister...and Grant's too little to fuss too much about being doted on. I find myself a little overwhelmed during some moments of the day when I just don't have enough arms and I'm running on very little sleep. Although, for the most part, I'm loving every minute. I feel exceedingly blessed and grateful for my two miracles.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gwynn at 18 months

Gwynn turned 18 months old at the end of March. Her personality is pretty vibrant and colorful. She is our little social butterfly, although she can pull the shy bit with people too. She expresses herself in many ways and likes talking about everything. I thought these pictures did a great job of capturing some of her expressions. She lights up our life. In the last picture Gwynn is playing dress-up in Mommy's heels.

Summer Begins!

Gwynn and I are dressed up for "Hat Day" for the letter "h" during my school's annual "ABC Countdown." Bart caught seven fish on Memorial Day weekend. Gwynn was intrigued by the "big fish" that Daddy brought home.

Summer officially began with our trip to the Omaha Zoo on Memorial Day weekend. Gwynn loved seeing all the animals. Her favorite activity was petting the goats. We topped off the weekend with a family get-together at our house. Dad, Mom, Ash, Adam, Dalon, Amanda, Justin, Sydney, Parker, Jackson, and Tyler all came to play and relax! Gwynn can't get enough play time in with her cousins! They made the sandbox into a mud-pit (much more fun), played in the sprinkler, rode bikes, and ate yummy snacks. You can't beat a weekend like that!

Baby Grant

Baby Grant is on the way! This is his 20 week sonogram picture! He's lying on his back and you can see his profile. Grant's due date is officially September 7, 2010. Gwynn is excited about her baby "budder" in Mommy's tummy. She pulls her own shirt up and declares "baby" as well. When she pulls up Daddy's shirt and states "baby", Daddy corrects her by pointing to his belly and saying "pie." We're having fun preparing our little guy.

Easter 2010

Our Easter weekend was packed full of excitement! We started the day with the annual Stevens Easter party at Aunt Phyllis's house. Gwynn met up with all of her cousins. Sydney, Parker, Jackson, and Gwynn are pictured below as they are getting ready for the Easter egg hunt. Jackson and Gwynn dye Easter eggs together. After the party, we met at Nana Carla's house for lunch. Uncle Eric and Aunt Amy were in town for the holiday. Gwynn enjoys swinging with Uncle Eric. The last picture is of Bart, Gwynn, and me (5 1/2 months pregnant with Baby Boy Blattner) outside of the church after the Easter service.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cheers to Playtime!

Gwynn is sure very entertaining these days.

She likes to "cheers" with her drinks and food. In the first picture she's "cheersing" to good times with her icecream cone.

Lately she's been very excited about driving Daddy's truck and playing in the sink. Washing dishes doesn't sound like a chore to her!

Nothing beats a shopping day at Lowe's, where you can ride in the big carts!

Gwynn is a sweet little mama to all of her baby dolls. She checks on them each morning and gives them hugs and kisses often.

We sure cherish all of the memories, and look forward to each new day full of great adventure when experiencing it through Gwynn's eyes.