Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gwynn's first christmas

Happy Holidays! We wish you many years of good health and happiness as 2009 approaches. Our family has been incredibly blessed this year. I am so thankful for our supportive family, the companionship of great friends, Adam's tremendous recovery from his accident, and the birth of our beautiful daughter, among many other blessings. 2008 will always be remembered fondly. We all had a very Merry Christmas, but it was double-the-fun as we toted Gwynn to all the celebrations and gatherings. She seemed to be in jolly spirits as she watched her cousins play! I'm sure many family members were covered with their fair share of Gwynn's drool as she was passed around. She sure loved all the hugs and kisses! Happy New Year!

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Julie said...

Merry Christmas Blattner fam! Cute pictures. :) We miss you!

the Erbs